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0 Coast Guard Bases (2)

  • Operations Systems Center Martinsburg

  • OSC is located near Martinsburg, West Virginia in Berkeley County. Established in 1991, the Coast Guard’s Operations Systems Center is operated by contractors to support and maintain the automated information systems of the Coast Guard. With a staff of about 550 people: active duty, civilians, contractors, and reservists OSC ensures proper system operations and recommends configuration changes.

  • Vessel Document Center Falling Waters

  • The National Vessel Documentation Center in Falling Waters, West Virginia facilitates maritime commerce. Vessels over five tons that fish are mostly what are documented, see the NVSC website if you want to know the specifics. During a time of war or emergency this facility would have a register of vessels available for use in the response or defense of the United States. Basically the Vessel Documentation Center is a bureaucratic operation of the United States Coast Guard.