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0 Air Force Bases (1)

  • Hill AFB Ogden

  • Hill Air Force Base is operated by the Air Force Materiel Command and located in Ogden, Utah. The base is named after Major Ployer Peter Hill, who died in a fatal crash of a prototype B-17 bomber. The base is home to the Ogden Air Logistics Center of the Air Force Materiel Command. This center is among only three of the Air Force’s Air Logistic Centers currently commanded by Major General Andrew E. Busch. Hill AFB is tasked with providing worldwide logistics management for the Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles of the United States. The Logistics Center maintains and provides logistics management for the F-16. The base has an air arsenal of F-16 Falcon and C-130 Hercules aircraft. Hill Air Force Base produces 250 aircraft as well as 16,800 avionics and structural components annually.

0 Army Bases (1)

  • Dugway Proving Ground N/A

  • Dugway (DPG) is a little more than 800,000 acres of desert in size. That’s about the size of Rhode Island. A “dugway” is a trench dug along a hill to level the ground and prevent wagons from tipping. The reason the DPG is so big is because of its purpose: to test the biological and chemical weapons systems of the United States and its allies in a safe and isolated location. Other uses include flight tests from nearby Hill AFB and some Special Forces training before deployment to Afghanistan. Controversy over the thousands of open air tests of harmful deadly chemicals has persisted especially after the 1968 incident where 6,000 sheep were killed from exposure to the nerve agent VX. The Army denied liability, but paid the ranchers for their losses.