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0 Coast Guard Bases (2)

  • Station Castle Hill Newport

  • The United States Coast Guard Station Castle belong to the Coast Guard’s First District of operation. The station is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Coast Guard in Newport, Rhode Island. One of the major tasks of Station Castle hill is to conduct search and rescue operations in the area. As Castle Hill is one of the more popular resort areas in the states, the work of the Station is quite plentiful. Aside from that, the Station is also a vital part of the Coast Guard’s environmental protection program. For these purposes, there are several cutters that regularly dock in the station’s harbor, including the USCGC Bainbridge island and the USCGC Juniper.

  • Station Point Judith Narragansett

  • The United States Coast Guard Station in Rhode Island is a component station of the Coast Guard’s First District of operation. Point Judith covers more than 70 miles of coast, including Block island, which also frequently operates as a substation. The current commander of Station Point Judith is Senior Chief Petty Officer Eric Baruzzi Despite being a small station, Point Judith is highly capable of responding to the needs of its area of responsibility. It has several boats at its disposal and is manned by thirty active duty servicemen. It is interesting to note that the boats that Point Judith use are not stored in the main station, but in a facility three miles away. However, this does not hamper the station’s ability to deploy immediately.

0 Navy Bases (1)

  • NS Newport Newport

  • Naval Station Newport is a US Navy base located between the towns of Newport and Middletown, Rhode Island. It was established in 1883 as a Torpedo Station after the naval technological advances of the Civil War. It has since become the Newport Naval Complex and home to the Navy Education and Training Center. Naval Station Newport is the only active military base located in Rhode Island. Newport is home to the Naval War College and was once home to the Cruiser Destroyer Force Atlantic. It now houses inactive ships of the United States Navy and active vessels maintained by the United States Coast Guard. Due to the Base Realignment and Closure 2005 Commission’s inclusion of the base, it has received additional tenant units including the Officer Candidate School and the Naval Supply Corps School.