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0 Air Force Bases (3)

  • Altus AFB Altus

  • Altus AFB is operated by the Air Education and Training Command located in Altus, Oklahoma. The base was built in 1942 and is currently home to the 97th Air Mobility Wing. This wing is tasked to train C-17 Globemaster and KC-135 Stratotanker crews in advanced specialty programs for 3,000 students yearly. Altus AFB has a total land area of 3,500 acres and hosts 3,500 military personnel and 550 civilian employees. 300-400 students are trained in the air force base at any given time. With to the transfer of the basic loadmaster course from Sheppard Air Force Base to Altus on August 2002, the wing’s missions became bigger. The wing combined the similar training programs of both bases to reduce the trainees’ movements and to cut costs.

  • Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City

  • Tinker AFB, a military base located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The base was built in 1941 and is currently home to the 72nd Air Base Wing, and the AFMC Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center. The base is named after Major Clarence L. Tinker, the first Major General of Native American descent. The base is home to 26,000 military and civilian personnel with a payroll of $760.9 million. Tinker Air Force Base also houses the Strategic Communications Wing One of the Navy. This wing’s employment consists of 1,300 sailors and 100 contractors. Unlike many other military bases, Tinker is located in a major metropolitan area but still has more room for expansion.

  • Vance AFB Enid

  • Vance AFB, operated by the Air Education and Training Command, is located in Enid Oklahoma. It was established by the Army Air Corps in 1941 and was later renamed as Vance Air Force Base in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Leon Robert Vance Jr., who was an American airman who earned the Medal of Honor during World War II. Vance AFB is home to the 71st Flying Wing under the Nineteenth Air Force of the Air Education and Training Command. The base encompasses 4,934 acres and employs 2,450 people of whom 1,050 are military, 200 are civilians, and 1,200 are contractors. The primary mission of Vance Air Force Base is to provide the US Air Force with highly-trained pilots, to provide aircraft maintenance of USAF aircraft, and to conduct civil engineering activities.

0 Army Bases (1)

  • Fort Sill Lawton

  • Fort Sill is a major US Army post located in southwestern Oklahoma. Due to its construction during the Indian Wars and its contribution to the wars that involved the United States, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark on December 19, 1960 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966. The installation was originally home to the US Army Field Artillery Center, the Army Field Artillery School, the III Corps Artillery, and the Army’s Center of Fires. After the Base Realignment and Closure Commission included the base to its list of affected bases, more major artillery units from other commands have been transferred to the installation including the Army Air Defense Artillery School, the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 75th Fires Brigade, and the 214th Fires Brigade. Fort Sill is one of the five locations for Army Basic Combat Training.

0 Coast Guard Bases (2)

  • Coast Guard Institute Oklahoma City

  • The United States Coast Guard Institute in Oklahoma serves as the Coast Guards main training center for its personnel. The Institute provides courses that help in improving the skills that are needed by Coast Guard personnel for their duties. It also assists personnel wishing to take technical courses at local colleges. Through several programs, the Coast Guard Institute, provides tuition and other educational assistance for its students. The foremost of these programs is the Coast Guard Foundation Grant, which covers the educational expenses of active duty and reserved servicemen. For tuition assistance, the CGI collaborates with several accredited colleges. The Coast Guard Institute also provides tests to evaluate the skills earned by its students.

  • Container Inspection Training Oklahoma City

  • The Container Inspection Training and Assistance Team (CITAT) is the United States Coast Guard’s support unit for training personnel in the inspection and handling of containers transporting hazardous materials at sea. The unit is housed at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma. CITAT conducts regular training courses for personnel assigned to work on these materials. The unit also provides specialized courses focusing on particular modes of hazardous material containment and transport. CITAT also conducts periodic inspections and evaluation to assess the the preparedness of Coast Guard personnel in the handling of such materials, including skills and equipment capabilities. The team also closely coordinates with other agencies and port authorities in handling particular cases.