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0 Air Force Bases (1)

  • Wright-Patterson AFB Montgomery

  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located in between Greene County and Montgomery County, near Dayton, Ohio. It was built in 1917 as Patterson Field and Wilbur Wright Field and is currently home to the 88th Air Base Wing. Today, Wright-Patterson designs, tests, and modifies future weapons with the help of its 10,000 researchers, scientists, and engineers. The base is the largest and the most organizationally complex among all bases in the Air Force. Wright-Patterson AFB employs 24,000 people making it the 5th largest employer in Ohio. It houses at least 70 units of 7 different Air Force commands as well as multiple Department of Defense organizations. The base has the best research and development center in the Air Force.

0 Coast Guard Bases (1)

  • ISC Cleveland Cleveland

  • The Integrated Support Command Cleveland was one of the ISC’s under the United States Coast Guard. Its main duty is to provide support to the Coast Guard division stationed in Ohio. The command was formerly headed William A. Schmidt. Under the United States Coast Guard modernization program, the functions of ISC Cleveland has since been broken up into two separate units. The Personnel Services and Support Unit (PSSU), headed by Lt. Jeannie Paschal, is tasked with providing basic services for Coast Guard personnel. On the other hand, the Health Safety Work Life (HSWL) Off Field Services handle the welfare needs of the servicemen.