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0 Army Bases (4)

  • Fort Drum Jefferson

  • Fort Drum is an Army installation located in Jefferson County, New York. It has a total land area of 107,265 acres and has a population count of 12,123. It has the primary mission of commanding active component tenant units in the installation, providing administrative and logistical support to its tenant units, supporting the training of active-duty personnel and reservists who train at the installation, and planning and supporting the mobilization and training of not less than 80,000 troops each year. Fort Drum was established in 1908 and has been used as a training base since then. Tenant Units housed in Fort Drum include the 10th Mountain Division, elements of the American Red Cross, the US Army Materiel Command FSC, the 20th Air Support Operations Squadron, and the 18th Weather Squadron Detachment.

  • Fort Hamilton Brooklyn

  • Fort Hamilton is a military base in Brooklyn, New York. The post is one of several posts which are under the control of the Military District of Washington. Fort Hamilton holds a Military Entrance Processing Station, Reserve Units including some ROTC units, Ainsworth Clinic, and the New York City Recruiting Battalion. The post was established in 1825 and named in honor of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury. The post has several notable commanders including Captain Robert E. Lee, First Lieutenant Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and Captain Abner Doubleday. At present, the main mission of Fort Hamilton is to provide metropolitan New York with military installation support for the United States Army Reserve, including the Army National Guard. It is currently under the command of Colonel Stephen V. Smith.

  • US Military Academy West Point

  • The United States Military Academy, commonly known as West Point, is the premier military academy of the United States of America. It is located in West Point, New York and the whole reservation encompasses 16,000 acres of land. It was established in March 16, 1802 and was the first American college to introduce class rings. The curriculum offered in the academy served as a model for many engineering educational institutions. The academy offers a four-year coeducational federal service education for cadets wanting to enter the US Military as commissioned officers. The 1,000 cadets who successful graduate yearly from the academy are commissioned as Second Lieutenants. Two former presidents of the United States of America, a former president of the Philippines, a number of famous generals, and seventy-four Medal of Honor recipients, are products of the Academy.

  • Watervliet Arsenal Watervliet

  • Founded in 1813 to support the War of 1812, Watervliet Arsenal has been the oldest continuously active arsenal in the US. It became a historic landmark in 1966. It is mostly known to the public known as a museum of the big guns as they produced massive 16 inch weapons for WWII. The Arsenal covers 30,000 square feet and houses the museum, offices, and storage.

0 Navy Bases (1)

  • Saratoga Springs NSU Saratoga Springs

  • Naval Support Unit, Saratoga Springs is a US Navy installation located between the Catskill and Adironack Mountains in the State of New York, just 35 miles north of Albany, New York. It supports most commands based in the New York State Capital Region and is home to the Fleet and Family Support Center, the Navy Recruiting Region North Customer Service Detachment, and the Nuclear Power Training Unit. Naval Support Unit, Saratoga Springs has the primary mission of supporting the Naval Power Training Unit which is located in West Milton, Saratoga County, and the Housing Complex located in Saratoga Springs. It has a total population count of 1,746 active duty personnel, 3,263 family members, and 53 civilian employees. The majority of the population is housed in the Housing area where major grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores are located.