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  • Portsmouth Shipyard Portsmouth

  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a Navy shipyard located in Kittery, near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Established on June 12 1800, the base has continued its service up to today and has earned the recognition of being the oldest continuously-operating shipyard of the United States Navy. The shipyard is historic to the US Navy because it was here where the first US submarines were built. After World War II, the base served as the center for submarine design and development for the Navy. Submarines produced in the shipyard have greatly influenced submarine design and technology. These include the Albacore whose teardrop hull and round cross-section would revolutionize submarine design, and Swordfish, the first American nuclear-powered submarine produced in the shipyard. The shipyard has the primary mission of overhauling, repairing, and modernizing the Los Angeles class submarines operated by the US Navy.