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  • NAS Brunswick Brunswick

  • Naval Air Station Brunswick is a US navy installation containing a military airport located in Brunswick, Maine. Prior to its planned closure on 2011, the base has been home to maritime patrol aircraft operated by the navy. It is the last Department of Defense airfield in the northeast. It is home to Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Five which operates and maintains P-3 Orion long range patrol aircrafts. The air station is currently home to 2,317 Navy personnel as well as 61 civilian employees. It is under the command of Captain George G. Womack of the United States Navy. The base is planned to be renamed as Brunswick Landing after the proposed closure. It is also hoped that the former Navy Airfield will be transformed into a civilian airport and a Green Energy Park.

  • NS Portsmouth N/A

  • The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a major United States Navy shipbuilding and maintenance facility Maine. The shipyard is located at the boundary between the states of Maine and New Hampshire, specifically near the city of Portsmouth, NH (where it got its name). The facility is currently under the command of Capt. L. Bryant Fuller III. The shipyard is famous for the number of historical ships built in here. Most notable of these would be the large number of submarines used by the US navy during and after the world wars. One particular example was the USS Albacore, which pioneer the familiar cigar shaped design now common in most submarines.