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0 Air Force Bases (1)

  • Grissom Air Reserve Base Kokomo

  • Grissom Air Reserve Bases is a joint military base/civilian airport. Originally Naval Air Station Bunker Hill in 1942, the base was reopened in 1954 as Bunker Hill Air Force Base, and in 1968 the base’s name was changed to Grissom in honor of an astronaut that died in Apollo 1. Since 1968, the name has been altered twice to reflect the changing status of the base. Outside the gates is the Grissom Air Museum which displays about 30 aircraft. The yearly economic impact of the base on the surrounding area is estimated at $75 million.

0 Navy Bases (1)

  • NSWC Crane Division Martin County

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division was established in 1941 in Martin County by the Bureau of Ordnance, originally the Naval Ammunition Depot. The base is now named after William M. Crane and is the third largest naval installation in the world with 100 square miles of land, which includes a lake. 650,000 tons of ordinance can be store at Crane. 700 civilian jobs were lost after the 2005 BRAC.