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  • Mountain Home AFB Elmore

  • Mountain Home AFB is operated by Air Combat Command and located in Elmore County, near Mountain Home, Idaho. The base was built in 1943 and is home to the Air Combat Command’s 366th Fighter Wing. The 366th Fighter Wing housed in Mountain Home Air Force Base is the premier expeditionary air wing of the Air Force. Its air arsenal is composed of KC-135R Stratotankers, F-15C Eagles, F15-E Strike Eagles, F-16c Fighting Flacons and B-1B Lancers. The 366th is unique in that it follows an unconventional air expeditionary mission. The wing is tasked to deploy with all its departments including command, control, computer, communications and intelligence. This means that instead of building a composite wing at a readily deployed site, the 366th is already a composite force trained to be deployed quickly anywhere. Mountain Home is also an alternate landing site for space shuttles.