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0 Coast Guard Bases (3)

  • Coast Guard Academy New London

  • The United States Coast Guard Academy is the countries foremost educational institution for training would be Coast Guard officers. The academy’s main campus is located in New London, in the state of Connecticut. Unlike the four academies of the US Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air For, and Marine Corps), interested students can apply for admission without having to secure a congressional recommendations. Students are given the option to choose from seven different areas, including engineering, nautical science, and management. After graduations, cadets can either go directly into service with the Coast Guard or get a higher academic degree. The academy also give a chance to students to venture into civilian careers after finishing their studies. As of current, around 200 students graduate each year from the batches that have gone through its selection process.

  • Marine Safety Lab Groton

  • The Marine Safety Laboratory is the United States Coast Guard’s dedicated center for studies on marine and maritime safety. The lab regularly collects samples from various bodies of water and tests them for harmful contaminants. More specifically, the MSL is one of the main agencies of the Coast Guard that handles analysis for oil spill investigations. The laboratory also conducts analysis of substances carried by incoming vessels. Currently located at Chelsea Street in New London, Connecticut. Parties wishing to request a study of water in their area can personally bring their sample to the laboratory or they can ask the MSL to send a representative. Request forms are available at their website.

  • Research & Development Center Groton

  • The USCG Research and Development Center is the main development arm for all the technical needs of the Coast Guard. It also spearheads the evaluation and acquisition of new equipment for the Coast Guard. Its headquarters is located in New London, Connecticut, where the Coast Guard Academy is also located. Throughout the years, the Coast Guard R & D Center has focus on several areas of study. For its surface research, the center has made great headway in improving the safety of US ports from both natural and man made incidents. It has also contributed in better inspection procedures done in the ports as well as handling of incoming goods. Another particular area of interest for the Center is the improvement of search and rescue equipment and procedures.

0 Navy Bases (1)

  • New London Submarine Base Groton

  • Naval Submarine Base New London, located in Groton, Connecticut, is the primary submarine base of the United States Navy. From its beginnings as the birthplace of the submarine force, it is now known by two nicknames: “Home of the Submarine Force” and “the Submarine Capital of the World”. It is home to the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory. Originally a Navy Yard, it was reestablished as a submarine base in 1916 and saw huge expansion in World War II. The introduction of nuclear powered submarines paved the way for the upgrade of the base’s training and support facilities. The base now has a land area of at least 687 acres and is the homeport of fifteen attack submarines. Other units housed in the base include the Commander Navy Region Northeast, Commander Submarine Group Two, Naval Submarine School, and the Naval Support Facility.