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0 Air Force Bases (1)

  • Little Rock AFB Jacksonville

  • Little Rock Air Force Base is operated by Air Mobility Command. It is located in Jacksonville, Arkansas and is named so because the place where the air base now stands used to be called the Little Rock Area. Little Rock Air Force Base is home to the 314th Airlift Wing and houses dozens of C-130s. Little Rock AFB has played a huge role in Air Force history and a valuable component in US air power. The men and women of the base were active in the Cold War and were behind the first time a B-47 went on alert in 1956 and the last time the Titan II went off alert in 1987.

0 Army Bases (2)

  • Fort Chaffee Fort Smith

  • Fort Chaffee was originally established as Camp Chaffee in September of 1941 in response to the need for more U.S. troops in the coming World War II. During this war, Fort Chaffee was not only serving as a training site, but also as a POW camp, housing up to 3000 German prisoners at one time. It has also held Vietnamese refugees after the Fall of Saigon in 1975 and Cubans after the Mariel Boatlift in 1980. After the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana in 2005, it also served as housing for some of the evacuees. Fort Chaffee is currently being used as a training base for National Guard and Army reserve forces. It covers roughly 100 square miles and is located in northwest Arkansas, adjacent to the city of Fort Smith. Fort Chaffee has also provided the backdrop for several movies, notably “The Tuskegee Airmen”, which was filmed in 1995.

  • Pine Bluff Arsenal Jefferson County

  • Pine Bluff Arsenal has played a major role in the storage of biological and chemical weapons for more than 70 years. After public outcry in the early ’70s all biological weapons were destroyed between 1971 and 1973. But chemical weapon research, testing, and stockpiling continued to this day. The Arsenal employs thousands of civilians and only has a couple dozen military personnel. PBA covers more than 13,500 acres of land, with 665 buildings and 271 igloos that have a capacity of two million square feet. Pine Bluff reported completion of the destruction of 9,000 land mines that contained the nerve agents in 2008. With a continuing mission to destroy more chemical weapons. In a fire in 2005 over 7,500 canisters of white phosphorus was destroyed.