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0 Air Force Bases (3)

  • Clear Air Force Base N/A

  • The Clear Air Force Station is one of the northernmost stations of the United States Air Force, being situated in Alaska. It is located 8 km south of the city of Anderson in the Denali Borough. The Clear Air Force Station is the home of 13th Space Warning Squadron. The main purpose of the station is to provide an early warning against intercontinental and submarine launched cruise missiles. For this purpose. It also houses a part of the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command ) tracking system. As part of the ongoing reorganization of the United States’ northern forces, Clear Air Force Station was put as a unit into the Alaskan National Guard. There are also plans to deactivate the 13th Space Warning Squadron.

  • Eielson AFB North Pole

  • Eielson AFB, operated by Pacific Air Forces, is a US Air Force Base located in Fairbanks North Star Borough 26 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. The base is home to the 354th Fighter Wing. This unit has fought in every major conflict involving the United States, except for the Korean War. The base was originally named Mile 26, but was renamed Eielson Air Force Base in 1946, after Carl Ben Eielson, the famous arctic aviation pioneer. The Air Force Base is made up of a large population of almost 7,000 active duty, guard and reserve, family members, civilians, contractors, and retirees. Sadly, the base was involved in the Base Realignment and Closure program on May 13, 2005. Most of the aircraft of the 354th wing have now been reassigned to other bases in the US mainland, as well as in Korea.

  • Elmendorf AFB Anchorage

  • Elmendorf AFB is a military base near Anchorage, Alaska. Named after test pilot Captain Hugh M. Elmendorf, the base is home to the 3d Wing, the HQ Alaskan Command, The Alaskan NORAD Region, and the Eleventh Air Force. The base is currently home to 23,000 active duty, guard and reserve, family members, and Department of Defense civilians and retirees. Like the Eielson Air Base, the Elmendorf AFB was subject to the Base Realignment and Closure program of the Department of National Defense. This led to the replacement of the base’s F-15Es and F-15Cs with F-22s and the C-130s with C-17s. The Air Base continues to expand with the growing population and its significance as a strategic location and training facility.

0 Army Bases (3)

  • Fort Greely South of Fairbanks

  • Fort Greely is an Army launch site for anti-ballistic missiles. It is also used for cold weather tests as Greely is located in one of the coldest areas in Alaska. The base is named after Adolphus Greely, an Army officer, who explored the Arctic despite no previous experience in exploration in the Polar regions of the world. After withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, Fort Greely’s command was taken over by Missile Defense Command and plans are to deploy 25-30 ABMs by 2010.

  • Fort Richardson Anchorage

  • Fort Richardson is an Army Post located in close proximity to Anchorage, Alaska. It is currently home to United States Army Alaska, the 3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, and the 4th Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division. The installation was built in the 1940s and occupies 25,000 acres of land area situated near Elmendorf Air Force Base. Fort Richardson is named in honor of Brigadier General Wilds P. Richardson, a noted United States Army officer who explored Alaska in the early 20th Century. The Alaskan National Guard, is the largest unit stationed in the fort with sub-units stationed in Camp Caroll and Camp Denali. The population in the fort is 15,695, composed of active duty personnel, family members, retirees, Department of Defense civilian employees, reserves, and the National Guard.

  • Fort Wainwright Fairbanks

  • Fort Wainwright is a military base near Fairbanks, Alaska. The fort was originally established in 1941 as Ladd Field by the United States Air Force but after ownership was later transferred to the Army 20 years later, the installation adopted the current name after General Jonathan M. Wainwright. Wainwright was a Medal of Honor recipient and the commander of the Allied Forces in the Philippines in World War II. Fort Wainwright is currently garrisoned by the 25th Infantry Division and home to Task Force 49, an aviation brigade tasked to support logistics operations for US Army Alaska. The training area for units stationed in Fort Wainwright is 870,000 acres making it a perfect training ground for squads up to joint task force operations. The fort is home to 537 active duty officers, 4,220 active duty enlisted personnel, 5,282 family members, 662 retirees, 1,513 civilian employees, and 108 reservists.

0 Coast Guard Bases (3)

  • ISC Kodiak Kodiak Island

  • Integrated Support Command Kodiak is the largest operating Coast Guard base and it’s located in Kodiak, Alaska. It began as a naval base in 1941 with a Coast Guard detachment in 1947 and was established again as a USCG base in 1972. The Coast Guard has split up all Integrated Support Commands as part of their modernization process. ISC Kodiak is now: Base Support Unit (BSU) Kodiak, Personnel Service & Support Unit (PSSU) Kodiak, and Health Safety Work-Life (HSWL) Field Office Services Kodiak. Kodiak is the home port of these ships: - USCGC Munro (WHEC-724) - USCGC Alex Haley (WMEC-39) - USCGC Spar (WLB-206)

  • Marine Safety Unit Valdez Valdez

  • Marine Safety Unit Valdez is the United States Coast Guard unit that is tasked with ensuring maritime safety around the waters of Alaska. The unit has its base in the Alaskan city of Valdez. It is currently headed by Cmdr. Darryl P. Verfaille. One of the main task of MSU Valdez is continuously monitoring the Alaskan maritime environment and dealing with incidents that might harm it. The unit gained prominence in 1989 when it was one of the first teams that responded after the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground and spilled more than 100, cubic meters of crude oil. Since then, the unit has been prominent in operations around the Alaskan coast. MSU Valdez runs the cutter USCGC Long Island for its operation.

  • USCG Juneau Juneau

  • USCG Juneau is part of the Pacific Area, 17th District, Sector Juneau, under the command of Rear Admiral Christopher C. Colvin. The original station was located in Auke bay, but was moved to where it is today, in Juneau, in the late ’70s. They perform 100 to 150 search and rescur missions annually and 300 boardings. USCG Juneau uses a 47ft Motor Lifeboat and three 25ft Safe boats.