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0 Air Force Bases (1)

  • Maxwell-Gunter AFB Montgomery

  • Maxwell Air Force Base, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is a United States Air Force installation under the Air Education and Training Command. The base is named after Second Lieutenant William C. Maxwell. It is home to the Air University Headquarters, the 42nd Air Base Wing, 908th Airlift Wing, and the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters. Being the Air University Headquarters, the Air Base houses some of the most popular Air Force Schools in America. The historical air base was first used by the Wright Brothers in February 1910 as one of the earliest flying schools in the world. Sadly, the Wright Flying School was closed on May 26, 1910, just 4 months shy since opening. The base is known as Maxwell-Gunter Air Base to reflect the presence of the Gunter Annex installation within the base.

0 Army Bases (3)

  • Anniston Army Depot Bynum

  • Anniston Army Depot, located in Bynum, has the primary task of repairing tracked vehicles, ie: tanks. During the 2003 Iraq War more than a thousand tanks were stored here for repairs and improvements. Anniston is also a storage depot for a little more than 7% of the United States chemical weapon stockpile. The chemicals used in these weapons include VX, a nerve agent classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN, and mustard gas. The depot employs more than 2,000 people and covers an area of about 25 square miles.

  • Fort Rucker Dale

  • Fort Rucker is an Army Aviation Center located in southeast, lower Alabama. The base was built in 1942 and named in honor of Confederate General Edmund Rucker, a Civil War Officer. It houses the United States Army Aviation Museum and the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence. It is currently garrisoned by the 1st Aviation Brigade, the 110th Aviation Brigade, and the 23d Flying Training Squadron. Fort Rucker is currently under the command of Major General James O. Barclay III. The base is tasked with developing the Aviation units of the United States Army. This task is accomplished by developing concepts, doctrine, organization, training, leadership development, materiel, and soldier requirements for aviation combat units, as well as aviation maintenance, logistics, and leadership training for aviation support units.

  • Redstone Arsenal Madison

  • Redstone Arsenal, a military base in central north Alabama near the Tennessee river, has been the center of the Army’s missile and rocket programs for more almost 70 years. The site was originally established as the Redstone Ordnance Plant in 1941. The arsenal is now home to the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command, as well as the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. The arsenal’s primary mission is to research, develop, test, purchase, repair, and maintain missiles or rockets used by the United States Army. After the collapse of Germany in World War II, several German scientists under Wernher von Braun were employed by the United States Army to begin a missile and rocket program. The arsenal was the birthplace of the first surface-to-surface missile developed by the US Army, the Redstone Missile. Several ballistic missiles have also been developed in Redstone.

0 Coast Guard Bases (1)

  • Aviation Training Center Mobile

  • Located in Mobile, Alabama, the Aviation Training Center qualifies Coast Guard Pilots to fly the HU-25, HU-60, HH-65, HC-130, HC-130J, and the HC-140. It also serves as an operational air station for the USCG. Pilots trained at the ATC take an annual one-week course to test their proficiency. The air station conducts regular Coast Guard missions including: search, rescue, environmental protection, and homeland security. As of the time this article was written, August 2010, the commanding officer is Captain Steve Truhlar.