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Military Jobs

The United States Military has never been as diverse nor as broad in its offering of career opportunities as it is today. There are five branches of the military to choose from: the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. If you’re not able to fully commit to the military on active duty, there are opportunities to serve in the National Guard and the Reserves. Jobs and training are available in almost any profession and at almost any skill level. The military needs everything from truck drivers to surgeons! No civilian employer can offer the range of jobs and career diversity available in the Armed Forces.

In addition to offering jobs for almost anyone, the military also offers extensive benefits and opportunities for education, training and career advancement. Today many military jobs are extremely high tech and sophisticated requiring highly trained soldiers. From a soldier’s perspective, this is a win-win situation. You can enjoy a challenging job while acquiring valuable skills that will make you more employable whether you choose to stay in the military as a career or plan to return to a civilian career after your service.

Joining the military is more than a job — it is a lifestyle. In civilian life, employee moral and job satisfaction is at a historic low. The company culture that built this country into a world power during the first half or the 20th century is all but history with the average worker changing jobs and careers many times during the course of their working life. However, in the military there is still a sense of loyalty and purpose to every job. The military’s mission is to serve and protect the people of this nation and this is done with pride, dedication, loyalty and honor. This sense of community and dedication to a noble purpose is what really sets all military jobs apart and makes each one important and meaningful and these are also the building blocks for job satisfaction and fulfillment.

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