What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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National Guard Overview

The National Guard is the reserve military force for the United States Army and Air Force. It contains active and inactive members. The Guard operates in all 50 states and 4 territories under federal control and can be activated by state governors to help with disasters. The National Guard was organized in 1903.

Career opportunities in the National Guard are unlimited. Up to 100% of college tuition is paid for certain fields of study for those who qualify. There is the Enlisted Loan Repayment Program that can repay up to $50,000 for student loans. Additional benefits include free flights in the U.S., discount shopping at military bases, affordable health and life insurance and home loans through the Veterans Administration. A federal retirement plan is also available.

The Guard offers several enlistment programs. The Patriot Academy offers a second chance to earn a high school diploma — learn valuable military skills while earning full credit for a diploma. The Split Training Program allows high school seniors to join the Guard and train one weekend per month in preparation for Advanced Individual Training upon graduation. College students can participate in the ROTC program and receive up to 100% of college tuition paid and receive cash for monthly drills.

The National Guard offers the opportunity to serve your country while building a solid foundation for career objectives.

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