What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Army Overview

The United States enjoys the protection of the Armed Forces. One branch that stands alone is the United States Army. The Army brings pride and joy to most Americans. The American Army is the oldest branch of military in our country’s history. It is well known by even the youngest of Americans. The first recorded action of the Army took place in 1775 as the Continental Congress fought in the American Revolution.

The Army has campaigned in all major battles and declared wars in America. The Army is a necessary and honored part of our defensive shield and protection program. It is responsible for all land-based military operations in the United States. The Army has three main components consisting of the regular Army, the Army Reserves, and the National Guard. All three branches report directly to the Department of the Army. Each branch specializes in certain areas and yet they all work together. In the year 2009, statistics showed the United State Army had approximately 1,088,000 soldiers. The Army maintains the greatest troop strength of all service branches of the military.


The Army offers great benefits for education and continued training. Both men and women can find their fit and place. The Army will open new doors for new recruits. The Army has outstanding benefits including comprehensive health coverage, vacation time, special pay for elite duties, and cost of living cash allowances. The Army is well known, solid, offers great benefits and is a respected branch of military with many diverse occupations in which to serve.

Be All That You Can Be

The Army holds seven core values dear to its existence. They are: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Together, with the Army’s famous slogan, Army soldiers seek to uphold and live out these values.

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