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About the Military

The United States Military is one of the largest and best military forces in the world. The US Military traces its roots back to 1775 with the establishment of the Continental Army which was set up to fight the British in the American Revolutionary War. Today’s armed forces are composed of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, the National Guard and the Reserves.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD, also know as DOD and USDOD) is the Federal Department that overseas and coordinates all areas of the armed forces and overseas all operations related to War and National Defense. A Secretary of Defense who reports directly to the President oversees the DoD. The DoD was established in 1947 to replace the former Departments of War, Navy and the Admiralty. Harry Truman was the greatest proponent of a centralized organization to oversee the coordination of the armed forces and the DoD is one of Truman’s greatest legacies. With the establishment of the DoD, the Air Force was established as its own department (previously it had been under the Department of War).

The DoD also overseas non-combat agencies including the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. The DoD is headquartered out of the Pentagon. All the rules and regulations that govern the Military are located in Title 10 of the United States Code.

The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps make up the main four arms of the Military. The Coast Guard is moved under the control of the DoD during times of War. During Peacetime the Coast Guard is managed under the Department of Homeland Security. Despite this, the Coast Guard is considered legally and generally as the fifth armed department of the DoD. The National Guard serves both as a military reserve force and also as a militia for the States and consists of the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. The Reserves are divided into the Selected Reserves and the Individual Ready Reserve for each section of the military. Selected Reserves are considered to be active duty while the Individual Ready Reserves are not.

Together all these sections of the Armed Forces make up a well organized and effective military force that protects the people and the interests of the United States of America. The United States Military is truly an awesome force and throughout past and recent history, the bravery and dedication of the members of the US Military have protected and enabled the lifestyle that is enjoyed by the citizens of the United States of America.

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