What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

About the Military

The U.S. Military has a long and glorious history that originates to the roots of the country. Citizens authorized the government to build and maintain an organized military that has approval to use lethal force to combat perceived threats at home and abroad. There are many unique traditions for each branch of military service.

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Military Rank Structure

Whenever you volunteer you are expanding the network of people that you know and you are broadening your own set of skills. Volunteering can be treated just like a job.

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Military Creeds

The Army, National Guard, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy all have creeds. A creed is an oath or saying that provides a value structure by which to live or work by.

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Reasons to Join the military

Joining the military is a wonderful way to serve your country. Many people need no other reason than their love of country for them to sign those recruitment papers. Others, however, like to really think about solid compelling reasons as to why joining the military is the right decision for them.

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Military Wiki

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct, in six brief Articles, addresses those situations and decision areas that, to some degree, all military personnel could encounter.

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