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Three New Orleans VA Employees Busted in Half-Million-Dollar Fraud Scheme

Three employees at the New Orleans VA Medical Center pled guilty last month to a fraudulent billing scheme in which they stole some $567,000 from the Veterans Administration, veterans and taxpayers.

According to the Department of Justice’s publicly-released factual basis, the three workers, Ronald Bell, Regina Davis and Yodonnalisa Evans used their access to VA records and procedures to create bogus health care companies, and stole the identities of actual veterans to create false treatment and billing records.

Ronald Bell was a program manager and supervised a team of workers responsible for disbursing payments to health care providers. Regina Davis was a program support assistant, with responsibilities involving data entry and authorizing the release of taxpayer funds. Yodonnalisa Evans was a payroll clerk.

Here’s how the scheme worked:

Bell and Davis created two entities: Davis Health Care Consulting, LLC and Caring Heart Healthcare. Bell used his position to steal the identities of veterans with records at the VA. He then created fake bills to the Veterans Administration for services never provided.

As program manager, Bell then routed the fraudulent payments to the custody of Regina Davis. Davis would then split the money. Together, the pair stole over $200,000 from the VA.

Bell also struck a similar arrangement with Yodonnalisa Evans. They created a fake company called C&E Rehabilitation Clinic. These two together stole over $360,000 from the VA, veterans and taxpayers.

It is not clear whether Bell was the direct supervisor for either of the two co-conspirators.

The three face potential sentences 5 years each, fines of up to $250,000 and two years of supervised release after that.

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