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Military pay in doubt if the government defaults in August

With the announcement Monday that the US has reached its debt limit of $14.3 trillion and is shifting money around to pay bills, there is a question of whether military paychecks are in danger.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is the chief sponsor of a bipartisan bill that would guarantee military pay. HR 1551, the Guarantee Paychecks for America's Military Family Act, would guarantee that military service members and civilian federal employees working in a combat zone, would continue receiving their pay even if the government runs out of money or if there is any lapse in federal funding.

Aside from HR 1551, there are several other bills on the table that would also protect military pay. However, House leadership is not promising to pass any of the bills because the threat of not paying troops and federal employees is a huge bargaining chip in trying to get a debt ceiling agreement with opponents. Any pay protection is likely to be passed at the last possible moment.

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