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Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act (H.R. 1297)

In light of the almost-government-shutdown in early April 2011, Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, has filed legislation that would ensure military pay is kept out of any future shutdowns. The bill, titled the Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act (H.R. 1297), has roughly 160 co-sponsors including both Republicans and Democrats.

Although a budget agreement has been made and the pending crisis is over, service members might receive their mid-month pay in two separate checks and not on the same day, according to the Pentagon. Spokesman Col. David Lapan said today that "people should pay attention to their April leave and earnings statements to make sure something didn't malfunction."

The concern stems from the Defense Finance Accounting Service's early issuance of online earnings statements showing only one week's pay through April 15th. Because of the last-minute deal worked out by Congress, the DFAS issued those statements in anticipation of a shutdown taking place. But despite leave and earnings statements showing one week's pay instead of two, service members will receive full pay.

The crisis may be over for now, but it left a bad feeling for many military and their families. Most say they felt like they were being used for political purposes. If you would like to express your opinion, please join in a discussion on the discussion boards and call or write your elected officials.

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