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Siegrid Fulkerson-Gorman July 18th, 2011

About Me I saw the "Best Military Parent Competition" event. My Father joined the army at age 17. He and three of his brothers were sent to Germany. Somehow The Generals where he was based found out he was an excellant cook and placed him in that position. The Generals always requested him.

My father was a very generous man. he would collect the candy from the rations of his brother soldiers who were willing to give and give them to the hungry children on the streets. Sometimes the army would throw out unused, packaged, rations. My Father would collect the rations from the trash and take them to the local orphange. The military was courtmartialing my Father for this. Suddenly the doors of the courtroom burst open and the Nuns marched in. They were from the orphanage. One Nun spoke out "HOW DARE YOU COURT MARTIAL THIS KIND AND HUMBLE MAN FOR DOING GODS'S WORK AND FEEDING THE HUNGRY". The officers looked at each other "CASE DISMISSED". They all quickly exited the room.

My dad did these types of things when he was stationed in Fort Knox where he retired after 21 years and another 22 years of Civil Service. I always wondered why he cooked so much food and why he left so early in the morning. He was taking the extra food to families in need on his way to Ft Knox,(21 miles away) most were military. He loved to hunt and fish. When a friend and army buddy could not pay his mortgage my father sold his beloved rifles to give the money to his friend to pay the mortgage. At his funeral one soldier told me "YOUR DAD SAVED MY LIFE" " I was going to prison on a courtmartial and your dad insisted they give me to him". He said he would be responsable for him. He trained the man at the Ft. Knox Meat Plant where he worked. The man said it turned his whole life around. I did not know of the many stories of service my dad did for others and his humbleness about these acts.

I did noticed he always offered help to anyone who needed a moments notice

My father pased Aug. 31, 2007 of melanoma. It was caught early, but the Dr. at Ireland Army Hospital missed some of the active cells. My Dad, My Hero, Sgt 1st class Joseph Raymond Fulkerson was very devoted and dedicated to God, his family , and the Army. He boxed, cooked, was a top marksman...etc. I love him I miss him, and after all of the good he has done his widow, my mother is suffering emotionally and financially. The army won't help her. Recently her oldest daughter Shirley Rose Fulkerson passed on March 17 (St Patricks day) of a misdiagnosed liver cancer. She has been through too much. I pray that the Army decides to give her his retirement pay.

I assure you my entire family agrees we had the best father, husband and soldier. No-one campares. His family Helga (wife) Shirley (now passed) Siggy, Al, Tony, and Monica would place him against anyone.


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Admin Admin July 18th, 2011

Thank you for sharing your story. You dad sounds amazing! Please be sure to add a photo to our Facebook page for the contest. You can include a link back to this page with your dad's story (stories) since you had so many wonderful memories to share.

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