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Military Authority Member
larry Birt October 22nd, 2011

I am looking for anyone that knew my Father, Marine PFC Larry Vincent Birt 1911204
He enlisted in febuary of 1960, he was at camp pen. california.
Hq 4thbn 11thmar 1stmardiv(rein FMF.
H.C. Baker Commanding Officer
0811-FldArty BtryMan
He lived on paramount st. in long beach, la, california
He told me a little about his service, he only told us about his time at guantanamo bay.
But when he passed his Burial Documents said Vietnam on them, then i found out from my ex Sister inlaw he had told her about being in nam, but wouldnt go into detail.
If anyone knew my father or could steer my in the direction to find out how to locate his service records i would appreciate it very much.
Thank You
Larry V. Birt Jr.

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