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VA Co-pay and Tricare Express Scripts

Military Authority Member
David Ballard July 30th, 2012

I am retired US Military and recieve all of my medical care at the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis, IN facility.

I have Medicare parts A and B.

I have Tricare for Life.

I recieve retired pay.

I am 40% Disabled.

I have, at present, 14 prescriptions from the VA with a $8.00/month co-pay equaling $122.00/Month.

My question is this, what is the best method to get these prescriptions covered by Express Script? I do not know how Medicare and Tricare split their processing. All know is I must have Medicare Part B to keep and maintain Tricare which has included prescription coverage and there is not one bit of information/guidance with my senario. I know I am not the only person in this situation, I do know if I pay something then I should have coverage.

David Ballard

Cell 317-605-0397

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