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tricare standard

Military Authority Member
allen storbakken July 25th, 2012

I am retired Navy (medical) and already have health care through my employer (which I pay for). Can I use Tricare standard or extra to pay deductables and whatever my current plan does not cover? Also, where can I get a list of in network providers for Tricare standard?


Military Authority Member
Jason Van Steenwyk August 1st, 2012

Hello, and thanks for writing! I'll address your question in two parts... the first one is easy: You can find approved providers for TRICARE Standard at this link:;jsessionid=QYKGBht1vn7cyjG1mLCxH27tQHMYrwJnpkZx3nGMTQpyGzt3yV2T!1332889845?puri=%2Fhome%2FMedical%2FFindingAProvider

If you have a doctor you'd like to keep using on TRICARE, but he or she is not currently a participating TRICARE network provider, you can also use a link on that site (check the buttons along the right side) to invite that doctor or other care provider to join TRICARE.

Your other question I'm going to do a bit of digging on to make sure I get you a good answer... Insurance is covered by State law, and anything involving the coordination of two plans can be tricky. Stay tuned!

Jason Van Steenwyk
Financial writer,

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