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I need a (TAS) seat for my van

Military Authority Member
mike petruna September 14th, 2011

I am a retired SGT MAJ USMC> I am on hospice and my health is declining. I am in need of a (TAS) transfer seat for my van so I can go to appointments and not become home bound. The VA will not help me because my illnes is not service connected. The cost of this item will be from $4000-$6000.00. I served 43 yrs active duty and reserves. Now when I need help, cannot get it. Just thought I would put this out here to see if someone has any ideas or would like to help me. Thank you for any assistance or guidance that you can offer.

Sincerely, Mike Petruna

I had a stroke in 1997. 5 bypasses, lost all my toes. I am paralyzed on left side. I have COPD. I need a hip replacement but not a canidate. Just to let you know my health history. I have a catheter due to prostate problems. My wife takes care of me but she is also on disability. Trying to keep me out of the nursing home. Thank you and God Bless!

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