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Military Authority Member
James Carey May 12th, 2011

Several years ago I was trying to remember many of the military personnel I had served with. I selected my last overseas assignment. I was the Senior Enlisted Advisor and Chief of Hotel Operations for the AFRC Berchtesgaden and Chiemsee.

This inspired me into searching out information, names and anything that related to the R & R Centers in Germany. I started putting everything I could muster up into a book.
After almost twelve years of putting THE AFRC TIMELINE together I am almost at the end.
What started out with just a few letters and comments has now become a book. It is more than I had ever dreamed.
As the seconds and hours spin ahead we each loose just a few memories that kindled the embers that stimulated our lives at that specific period of time. We will only have a glimmer of thought about those fun filled times.
If you are a first time reader about THE AFRC TIMELINE it is not too late to make your story part of history.
God be willing I will be around long enough to keep the book alive. I know there will be a time that will come and I will be called away. In that passing of time I prey the history that I have put together will remain for the future. A light that will stay lit forever. A place where others can read about you and the life, the seconds of time that we all spent in Bavaria.
As William Eckert said in his writing “What was the AFRC”, “ I will always have a spot in my heart for this area. Berchtesgaden and the Bavarian Alps are one of the most beautiful places in the world. I know the thousands who had the chance to work in the AFRC or spend time on leave there will cherish the memory. As our units Chaplin said at our last reunion “ When the last of us has passed on, let's all meet in the clouds over Berchtesgaden“.
The following is a TIMELINE report on the people that served their time with the Armed Forces Recreation Centers in Berchtesgaden, Garmisch, Chiemsee, The Columbia Hotel in Munich as well as letters from guests that stayed at the AFRC facilities over the years.
The TIMELINE is broken down starting with 1945. There are many AFRC’ers out there that never sent any information about their time with AFRC. It would really be great if everyone could put his or her comments in this booklet.
I put this together with only one thing in mind. A history outline of a hand-full of people that made something really great “work”. In a few more years AFRC will be long forgotten, the people that worked there will no longer be known. Even with the short years the U.S. military was in Bavaria it would be great to know that someone, someplace in the future will look back at this TIMELINE and read about what you did and when you made it happen. Each of us, what we did and how we acted is the making of a story. One that maybe your great grandkids will read about. So what if we were stupid at times and did things that were frowned upon at that time? Today, as we look-back………we were moderate compared to today’s standards. The Baby-Boomers, Sexual Revolution, Flower Children and PotHeads of yesterday give the color and taste of our generation.
Some of you I once knew yet many are strangers. As a family of AFRC members the family grows closer. No matter where you are in the world you know there is someone that understands what you stood for during your time with AFRC.

If you wish to visit my web site you are welcome. You will find it at


Fort Ben Harrison


Military Authority Member
Connie Reinhardt February 27th, 2012

I work at chiemsee in the late 80's. it was a great place..

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