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Pulmonary Fibrosis-JDW

Military Authority Member
SharonK Earley-Walker October 20th, 2011

Just trying to find some information on how Pulmomary Fibrosis (stiffening of the lungs caused by being exposed to toxic chemicals etc during Desert Storm)is affecting our veterans (retired and active duty) and how the VA puts up road blocks for spouses. If anyone has any information and can send me in the right direction for help, it would be very much appreciated. The road blocks setup by VA are disheartening. I have tried filing paperwork and denied each time I file a claim with VA.According to the VA caseworkers, supposedly noone else is experiencing problems with Pulmonary Fibrosis.


Military Authority Member
tammy lee January 16th, 2012

Hi Sharon
I just ran accross your question when i was doing research rgarding pulmonary fibrosis in connection with the first desert storm. My husband has been diagnosed with ipf about 5 yrs ago and the past year we have been trying to find more information of regarding connection with his condition and his service. Have you had any luck in finding help or information regarding the connection to the two?
Thank you for any help you may be able to give us. We are still waiting for information on his claim an i am having the worst time getting any information.

Military Authority Member
SharonK Earley-Walker January 28th, 2012

During Desert Storm our Hereos were exposed to the following:

Smoke from oil well fires,
• Smoke or fumes from tent heaters,
• Diesel and/or other petrochemical fumes,
• Exposure to burning trash/feces,
• Skin exposure to diesel or other petrochemical fuel,
• CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Compound),
• Other paint, solvents and petrochemical substances,
• Depleted uranium,
• Microwaves,
• Pesticide or personal insect repellents including creams, sprays and pet flea collars
• Nerve gas or other nerve agents
• Pyridostigmine bromide used to protect against nerve agents
• Mustard gas or other agents
• Food and drink contaminated with smoke, oil and other chemicals
• Potable and bathing water contaminated with smoke, oil, and other chemicals
• Endemic infections
• Multiple immunizations, including against anthrax and botulism

However, I cannot find a copy of military orders sending him to IRAQ, DD214 states all his medals earned while in combat, but that is not good enough.

As I stated before road blocks setup by VA are disheartening. I have tried filing paperwork and denied each time I file a claim with VA.

Military Authority Member
Chris Thomas March 18th, 2013

Just ran across this. I've really been looking for people to find out more info b/c they've kinda got me in a catch 22. First sign of a lung problem (Desert Storm-1/7th Cav, 1st Cav Div) & the VA gave me 100% service connected, total and permanent... for PTSD. DAV said 1st time they've seen that happen. In a rollover in a Bradley and was first just diagnosed w/ highly elevated right diaphragm. Unrelated. In 2010, I was diagnosed w/ Pulmonary Fibrosis. I wanted more info of this and on my unit. DAV explained that since I was was 100% & total and permanent, I should't file anything else. At 40, I was looking at a lung transplant before I hit 48 probably and to top it off, at 41, was diagnosed with prostate cancer as well. Bad luck? Lol. Would just like ANY type of info anyone else has found out and this is going on more among us vets, or, just trying to find a reason to blame my bad health luck. Lol. Being on this oxygen and not being able things w/ my kids, isn't right.

Military Authority Member
Linda Ikner September 5th, 2013

I just read all of your comments and have also been trying to find information on advanced Pulmonary Fibrosis. My husband passed away July 30,2012 and he did three tours in Iraq and I have filed a claim with Va and from everything I/m getting back from them they are about to deny my claim. My husband was also in Cav unit out of Fort Knox, Ky. All I have is my husbands DD-214. They just keeping asking for more medical records. My husband was never sick while in the military. This all started after he retired. Where do we look for the information. Someone has to have it, it is just a matter of finding it. I will keep looking.

Thanks for listening

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