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Medicare combined with Tricare Standard vs Prime

Military Authority Member
john wiggins May 8th, 2012

Contacting both Medicare and Tricare there appears to be no tow people providing the same information.
Medicare with Tricare Standard/For Life vs Medicare with Tricare Prime.
When Medicare medical coverage stops due to Medicares financial benefits coverage is it better to have Standard or Prime? Why? One Tricare representative even suggested dropping Medicare A, what an uneducated direction the Tricare Rep. to me! Others obviously no nothing.


Military Authority Member
Jason Van Steenwyk May 11th, 2012

Interesting someone would recommend dropping Medicare Part A. I don't know why that would possibly benefit the veteran, because Medicare Part A is free! While there are deductibles, there are no premiums for Part A, and the government enrolls you automatically!

I'd be interested in following up if you have more information you can email me!

Thanks for reading Military Authority!

Jason Van Steenwyk

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