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I'm a Navy wife trying to deal with telling my toddler daddy is leaving for a while.

Military Authority Member
monica amsler February 29th, 2012

Hello. i have a toddler son that everything is daddy right now. well my husband leaves in may for a 390 day deployment. how can i help my son to understand that daddy isn't going to be home for a while. but how can i also get myself ready for the delpoyment? this isn't my husbands frist deployment. this makes number 4 for him. but this is our frist one with our son. so its kinda new for me. and i am just a little lost on what i should tell him. i have had family and friends tell me to tell our son that daddy is at work and he will be home in a little while but i don't think that will work all that well with our son. only because he is a very smart 20 month old. so i am just lost. so if i could get some advise on what you all think it would be nice. please and thank you



Military Authority Member
Krissy Arnold April 17th, 2012

Hello Monica,

When my ex-husband deployed, we told our children 1 and 3 that daddy had to go to work. My son, 3 at the time, knew that his daddy was in the military. He knew that daddy had to help keep him safe. Then 3 months when my ex-husband return I went to Iraq. My son told everyone that I keep him safe from the bad guys.

I understand how you feel. I am gearing up for my husband leaving and I am nervous and anxious. I think by finding a support system and talking to your husband should help. Just remember to keep your head up, there will be good days and bad ones.


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