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Creating a Career Summary to make your resume stand out

Are you in the process of making your military to civilian career transition? Or, are you wondering why you’re not getting the job that best suits you even though you’re very qualified? Whatever career situation you have right now, you definitely need a resume update by an expert resume writer. Your resume needs to have a captivating career summary that will make you stand out from the crowd.

You may be asking why you need a career summary if you’ve already listed your military education and skills on your resume. Hopefully you have taken the time to brand yourself or give yourself a label. Now, it’s time to focus on creating the Career Summary. It is part of the career branding in a resume where you give a brief overview of how long have you’ve been an expert in your field, your skills, your experiences, and other key qualifications targeted to the job you’re applying for.

Here are important reasons why you need a Career Summary on your resume:

  • Resumes used to have an objective statement but this is now outdated. Your Career summary is the new way to showcase your best points and communicate at a more powerful level since it’s in a narrative form.
  • Hiring managers pay more attention to career summaries than reviewing the whole resume. This is their simple way to do the first elimination round. It’s like a preview to your resume. So if you can grab their attention through your career summary, you’re resume will have a better chance to be read from first page to last…a better chance for you to get an interview.
  • Career summary is a great way to camouflage your weaknesses in your military work history. You don’t want the hiring manager’s attention to be drawn to your gaps in employment or lack of much experience. By having a career summary tailored to skills mentioned in the job advertisement, you can focus their attention on your military skills.
  • The career summary is an upfront way of telling the hiring manager what you want them to know. It will sell your best assets and lead to an interview.

Now that you know the reasons for writing a career summary, you may be wondering what it looks like. It’s a brief overview that can be written in a short paragraph with a range of 2 to 4 sentences. And it always goes at the top of the resume right after your personal branding or label. Choose positive adjectives and action words. Every word counts so construction of captivating sentences is really critical. Your career summary may start like this: “With more than 10 years experience in…____ industry specializing in…”

A career summary will highlight your best skills as a professional in your field and allow your military skills to shine.

By: Ritchell Thibodeaux

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