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Career Branding in Resume Writing

​Having a military career is having unique skills and capabilities, so resume writing would be most effective when you do career branding. But what is a career brand? Just like a company who has products ready to be sold, they will need to have a product brand. Their product should be presented to the public as the best existing product possible. They will think of some techniques to attract the attention of their target audience, making them think that’s a cool product, create a catchy name and a great tag line, color, shape, and many more just to make people remember that product. Same thing in resume writing, you need to create an image that will portray you are the best or an expert in your field; grab the attention of your prospective employers; and make clear how you can help their company.

The questions now are…"How can I effectively promote my career branding?" and "How can I stand out among the tons of job seekers out there?" It’s simple! Self-marketing is the answer. But before you start self-marketing, there are some important things that you’ll need to answer yourself to be able to understand this properly. Here they are:

  • What to market about yourself?
    Think of all your knowledge, military skills, abilities, and experiences. Start from the very first job you had and list all things that you’re good at. Examine yourself. After listing them all, you will realize that you’re capable of doing a lot of jobs and you possess favorable qualities of a significant employee for a company to succeed. Multitasking workers are very valuable nowadays so, know your capabilities and continue to enhance them or discover even more skills to be different from others. If you are an Administrative Assistant, you should not limit yourself to the old skills that you have. You should also be good in writing, editing, transcription, phone support, building professional relationship, social media, etc. Why? So, you can apply to different jobs and have a bigger chance to be selected because of more and unique qualities that you possess compared to others.

  • To whom you’re going to market yourself?
    Of course, it’s the prospective employer but you should know what kind of industry you’re going to market yourself to know the approach in writing your resume. It’s like tailoring your skills to what they need. If for example a CEO needs an assistant, you will need to point out that you are excellent in providing high level service to top executives and to customer/clients as well.

  • Why market yourself to them?
    Simple, you specialize in those fields that they are looking for. So be confident to say that you are an expert and you can make a significant difference to their company once they hire you.

Now that you have answered the 3 questions above, you are ready to start career branding your resume to transition from a military career to a civilian one. Let’s put your answers together. In writing your resume, the first part should be your label or title for all the skills that you’re good at. It’s like the tag line for a product. Prospective employers will see this and it will make you stand out from the many applicants who applied for the same job. For example, if you are applying for a sales/managerial position, it would be good to be confident to brand yourself as “BUSINESS SALES MANAGEMENT EXPERT, STRATEGIC SALES MANAGER, AND INNOVATIVE BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL”. That’s your brand name and you’re the product!

Next is creating a career summary to enumerate all the functional areas of your expertise. So, you just learned how to do self-marketing or career branding in writing your resume. Your resume is the best tool in selling your valuable skills. So you should do it properly to land on a job that you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re not sure how to do it, it would be best to seek an expert resume writer to help you create a captivating resume.

This is just my first article in a series on resume writing that will help you to improve your career as a military/civilian. Watch out for more!

By: Ritchell Thibodeaux

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