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Temp Agencies for a Full-Time Career

Having a spouse in the military means that might enjoy the benefits of working for a temp agency. The drawbacks to temporary employment for many civilians (the lack of benefits) largely don’t apply to you and your family. You have great military benefits so you can focus on taking a job strictly based on the salary and the job. Working for one or more temp agencies can keep you employed full time and often they pay well.

The greatest advantage to temp working as a full time career is that you will have flexibility. You can choose when you do and don’t work and if you join a national agency you can keep working for them even when the military moves you. You can also arrange your assignments to coincide with the schedule of your spouse so that you two can have more time together. Temp agencies are usually very receptive to hiring military spouses and some of them positively prefer military spouses over other workers.

An overlooked advantage to working for temporary agencies is that you will acquire many references. Often the companies that employ you can’t hire you full time but they are very appreciative of the help and will gladly write you a reference in the future if you need one. Collecting and keeping references on file is a good habit. You can always copy them and attach them to a resume later on. Even though these aren’t regular references, a good letter or two describing your work never hurts.

Working for a temp agency as a full time career also keeps work interesting. You will constantly be learning new things, adding new skills and meeting new people. Once you work in a bunch of different environments you will decide which jobs you prefer and why. Your temporary positions also have the possibility of turning into full time jobs and your temp experience will help you decide whether or not you like the job well enough to accept it.

Lastly, temping as a full time career can remove a lot of the stress of working while being a military spouse. You will no longer have to worry about when you will move and what kind of havoc that will have on your career. You will no longer need to look for work because the temp agency will do this for you. These seem like small things but they can add up to making temporary work as a career the right choice for you.

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