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Re-entering the Job Market After an Employment Gap

Many military spouses decide to re-enter the job market after not working through several changes in duty stations. But often, when you have been out of work for a period of time, it is harder for you to get employment. In many ways it is like starting a new career. However, as a military spouse and an older person you have a lot to offer a prospective employer that a younger person with no experience does not. With age comes wisdom.

It is a good idea to plan your return to work. Invest in new training and education to bring your skills up to current standards. Dust off your old resume and using the educational resources available to you through the military, get help polishing it up.

If you have been out of work for a while, a chronological resume that blaringly states that most of your work experience was more than a decade ago is not a good idea. Most resume templates are designed for kids fresh out of college and this isn’t you. You will want to either exclude dates or create a functional or combination resume to deemphasize the fact that you have been out of work for a long time and instead puts the focus on your skills.

If you have volunteered or helped a friend with a business or worked at temporary jobs recently you will want to emphasize this experience. Include names and contact numbers and make sure the people that you volunteered for know you are actively seeking employment and that someone might call to discuss your work with them.

A great path to reentering the job market is by working for a temporary employment agency. Temporary employment agencies generally have good jobs available and they won’t be too concerned about your gap in employment because they will probably test your skills before they place you. Temporary employment is also a nice way for you to re-adjust to the pressures and responsibilities of working full time. You may also want to consider starting a home based business and taking freelance jobs to sharpen your skills and help build your resume.

Luckily you are re-entering the job market at just the right time. The economy is showing signs or recovery. More importantly, the demographic of the American worker is changing to an older worker. Baby boomers reinvented what it meant to be a teen, what it was like to have a baby and they are currently re-defining what it means to be older. The result is that many employers are looking to hire more mature workers. Re-entering the work force after an employment gap is easier today than it was ten years ago and this trend is likely to continue.

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