What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Military Spouse can overcome the Turnover Time Bomb through Career Coaching

It has not been easy for a military spouse to defeat the "turnover time bomb" without the help of career coaches. Changing career is not that easy especially from being part of the military transition to civilian workforce. The same shift in career interest also happens in the corporate world.

According to the studies conducted by Harvard Business Review, it pointed out how one fourth of the highly-paid employees have the tendency to shift to another company. In response, the former companies holding them suffer by losing its money during the process of turnover. That may be the problem in the past as today; career coaching becomes a trendy profession to assist the companies with the prevention of losing money from turnovers. Also it can be used for people who are not into big companies.

Career coaching has then been proven to reduce the impacts of turnovers by giving counseling to the employees. Higher productivity then awaits the company as its employees will perform better once their morale are boosted and appreciated. On top of that, those employees will not look for jobs in other companies.

The secret of a company that makes use of career coaching can be broken down into four steps as indicated in the following list:

  • Interviews are conducted to assess the needs of the employees and to get to know them personally.
  • A session must be allotted to create a career map specifically made for the individual employee.
  • Each employee then is assisted to improve the individual performance in preparation for getting into a new position.
  • Coaching techniques are then employed to guide the employee in getting the set goals.

It would always be easier to achieve the goals and promotion when a supervisor or a manager will assist the military spouse in becoming better in the chosen career. The quality of being an expert resume writer also adds to the capability to assist others in building their career. Career coaching then may build the future coach as supervisors provide the needed guidance to make the employee an expert. Next, time management will be easier to practice once a supervisor regularly checks the performance of the employee. Lastly, a military spouse may become an improved coach by being open to the concept of coaching as how the employee perceives it.

Remember that a supervisor or manager shows high degree of leadership. By thinking as an expert, the employee will easily accept the guidance of the supervisor and earn his respect. With the coaching skill added to the abilities, it would be hard for a supervisor to be replaced.

Time management then will also become effective once coaching has been practiced by many people in the group instead of working without coordination. With the application of coaching, there would be coordination and boosting the productivity for less effort.

Just like the military spouse has employed her coaching skills to contractors, anybody can do that too to boost the productivity of the organization or business. It also gives the one with the coaching abilities to have a long-term career as a coach that gives him an edge over those who do not possess such abilities.

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