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Seven Tips for Successful Interviews

You’ve heard it before: You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Those crucial first few minutes of a job interview can make or break your chances to get an offer – or at least a next interview.

Whether you’re a service member, military retiree, or military spouse, if it’s been while since you’ve interviewed for a job, take a look at these simple tips to help you amaze and astound your prospective new boss. In a good way.

  1. Bring extra copies of your resume.
  2. Arrive early.
  3. Make eye contact and sit up straight.
  4. Use language that demonstrates you know their industry – or at least have done a little research.
  5. Speak clearly and professionally – no slang, profanity, complaining or abbrevs.
  6. Ask relevant questions about the job and the company that demonstrate your interest and your abilities.
  7. Always send a follow-up thank you letter or email.

Above all, relax, do your best, and know that the right job for you is just around the corner.  And if you’re thinking about taking your skills and knowledge to the next level, check out our school finder for an easy way to research the best school for you.

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