What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Hiring Our Heroes Program

“…I, want to rock and roll all night, and work full time every day…”?

Not the exact lyrics from the song “Up All Night” by the iconic group KISS, but it’s what they were looking for when they teamed up with the Hiring Our Heroes Program and NBC’s Today Show to find a roadie for their summer 2012 tour. Paul Jordan, who spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army, had been looking for employment for over a year.

Hiring Our Heroes is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce program developed to help military spouses and veterans find meaningful employment. Through partnerships with private, governmental, and non-profit sectors as well as local Chambers of Commerce across the country, they work to address the unemployment and underemployment statistics that are much higher than the general civilian population. They do so through multiple programs.

Veterans Employment Advisory Council

The Veterans Employment Advisory Council (VEAC) is a group of 25 of the United States’ largest employers in multiple industries committed to providing jobs and employment assistance to the nation’s veterans and spouses. Assistance includes developing mentors, establishing best practices in hiring, and outreach to small- and medium-sized businesses to encourage the hiring of this targeted group.

Military Spouse Business Alliance

The Military Spouse Business Alliance (MSBA) partners with ten non-profits businesses committed to reduce the 26% military spousal unemployment rate. They develop networks for mentoring, employment networking, and entrepreneurial networking across the nation to help military spouses gain and/or maintain employment through multiple duty stations. They also work to help reduce barriers to transfer license requirements between states, making it easier for spouses to maintain employment.

Commit to Hire Pledge

The National Chamber Federation and Capital One have joined forces to promote the Hiring Our Heroes program through the Commit to Hire Pledge. Using extensive outreach and business networking, Commit to Hire has a goal of 500,000 veterans and spouses employed by 2014.

“Got Your Six” Campaign

The “Got Your Six” Campaign extensively promotes the Hiring for Heroes program, particularly the Commit to Hire pledge. The television and movie industry have joined forces with this public media campaign, reaching across multiple media sources to make sure businesses of all kinds know about the positive aspects in hiring veterans and spouses.

Hiring Fairs

The mainstay of the Hiring for Heroes program is hiring fairs. The U. S. Chamber as well as multiple local chambers and national companies sponsor direct hiring fairs throughout the United States open to any business interested in hiring veterans or spouses. They have over 400 fairs planned in 2012. They also host virtual job fairs; over 16,000 service members “attended” the first virtual fair in November 2011.

The unemployment rate for veterans since 9/11 is approximately 12%; for those veterans under the age of 25, it more than doubles to 29%. Military spousal unemployment rate is at 26%. Hiring for Heroes brings civilian networking and resources together with military know-how and determination to deal with a problem that, unresolved, will economically affect us all.

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