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Hire Patriots Job Board

Hire Patriots is the job board and general resource site created by Patriotic Hearts a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based out of San Diego, California. Its goal is to provide job opportunities across all 50 states for veterans looking for full-time regular or seasonal/temporary jobs.

Jobs Board

The jobs board has two parts; career opportunities and day jobs. Its search engine has the standard search parameters; keywords, category, city, and state. Many postings reflect job opportunities that are close to military bases. A resume posting option allows you, the job seeker, to upload your resume online to allow member employers to contact you if your skills match their needs. As of Summer 2012, there are over 13,000 jobs posted. The day jobs board offers short term, temporary, or one day jobs, with active duty military, who just want to pick up a few extra dollars, in mind.

News, Blog, and Discussion boards

You find your standard fare as on most employment websites. Links to outside sources provide additional employment resources. The blog allow job searchers to read postings on how to improve your resume, interviewing technique, and a wide variety of other skills. Discussion boards are designed to allow users to interact to network and widen their scope of contacts.

Member Directory

The member directory lists companies that offer employment related services such as job coaching, resume writing, and financial planning. This is an advertising board; these companies charge a fee for what they do, so keep that in mind when linking to the individual business sites.

Cause Marketing Opportunities

Cause marketing provides both advertising opportunities for the company involved as well as the ability to help a good cause. Hire Patriots will work with companies to develop suitable marketing plans for their businesses using Hire Patriots outreach and media outlets, as well as giving these companies a hire Patriots website.

Hire Patriots also offers a variety of smaller programs, such as free marriage retreats , helping veterans with resources to develop their own small businesses, and creating the first housing cooperative for veterans, the Green Veterans Village, providing not only housing but education and training in environmental and sustainability issues. Donations can be made to help this organization online, or you can purchase coffee with Spirit USA Fundraising.

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