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Finding Jobs That Require Your Military Security Clearance

Having a military security clearance is a valuable asset in today’s job market. Many companies and sections of the government need employees with security clearances. With the expansion of Homeland Security since 9/11, soldiers with security clearances are in demand not only for the defense industry but also in telecommunications, education and financial fields. The question is how do you get yourself into one of these jobs.

Every year there are job fairs that are conducted especially for people with military security clearances. These job fairs normally take place in areas where there are a lot of defense contractors such as Virginia or San Diego, California. At these job fairs, there will be representatives from companies such as the National Security Agency, the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, and Verizon. Going to one of these job fairs often requires prior registration but it is well worth the effort. These organizations are looking for people just like you.

Another way to find jobs that require your security clearance is to hire a headhunter that specializes in military personnel and placing people in sensitive positions. Ask your military counselor and military friends if they know any headhunters who specialize in Defense and Security.

Upon leaving the military, remain in a community where there is a large military presence. You will naturally have a large support group of veterans to network with and there will be more companies that require your security clearance. For example, in San Diego there are many military contractors and they work together with the various sections of the military and government that are located there.

You can also look for jobs that require a security clearance over the Internet. There are websites and job boards especially designed for ex-military with security clearances. A simple keyword search with your clearance will narrow your job search and return only jobs that require your security clearance.

Having a clearance is a valuable asset and it will make it easier for you find employment and it will increase your salary. Take full advantage of this valuable asset.

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