What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Discovering Civilian Jobs after your Military Career

Did you just get out of the military and would like to be part of the civilian workforce? Are you wondering what kind of civilian jobs you can do with your military experience? There are a lot of civilian jobs that you’ve never told about. Transitioning from military career does not have to be that difficult. In the military, jobs are accordingly based on an individual’s skills as well as the demand within the areas of the military. It’s the same thing in the civilian world. You can always find a match for your skills and technical know-how.

Below are top civilian jobs in the military you can check into. Discover which one is in line with your hidden talents. Land a fulfilling civilian career that can continue to serve the military you love.

  • Musician. If you love music, entertainment in the form of music keeps recruits’ morale high. Some of them play and perform at special events and ceremonies. Giving the military personnel the opportunity to play live musical entertainment entails jobs creation for musically inclined civilians.
  • Photographer. Is your hobby taking pictures? Specialist photographers are highly in demand in every areas of any industry , especially in the military. Photographers are needed in the military’s intelligence operations as well as for commercial and conventional purposes.
  • Director. Videos and movies are created for military purposes. Also are training demonstration, films and introductory DVDs. One does not need to have a degree in film directing since there are many training materials and opportunities to become an audio and broadcast director in the military.
  • Dieticians. These health personnel make sure that recruits in the military gets healthy and balance diet. They ensure proper nutrition and correct food are served in military hospitals.
  • Occupational Therapists. This one particular civilian job is needed in the military for rehabilitative purposes. It involves hands on and one-on-one interaction with patients and clients.
  • Health and Laboratory Technicians. Medical and laboratory technicians are needed in and out the military. More so in assisting military personnel with their dental and optical requirements. Jobs concerning healthcare are in demand.
  • Divers. Divers carry out the work in rescue and repair works on fiber optics and cables buried underground. Also the recovery of sunken equipments.
  • Designers. Military branches have their own team of designers. Graphic designers making logos, letterheads, web pages and others materials are employed on military design teams. Some can even be a work-at-home designers.
  • Social Workers. Military recruits and personnel are no exempted to feel anxious at times. Despite the training and discipline, being away with their loved ones makes them vulnerable at some point. It is the job of the social workers to keep morale high and assist recruits in their personal and other issues affecting their performance at work.

You once served the military and your country. Use that to your advantage by letting others know. You can show this dedication and loyalty by further serving in the military, now as a civilian. Your military experience together with your specific skill that fits any of the above mentioned jobs will be your edge in securing civilian work.

By Ritchell Thibodeaux

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