What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Finding a Job

Finding a Job in the Hidden Job Market

Many large public institutions create jobs in the hidden job market. Companies may feel that finding someone internally is preferred because they can save the time and expense of a long drawn-out interview process and the person will already know the company and culture.

Using Networking to Find a Non-Military Job

When you are ready to transition from your military career to a civilian lifestyle and job path, focus on developing your networking skills.


What to Expect from Civilian Life After Leaving the Military?

The life that you lead after leaving the military is different for everyone. Getting through this transition is made easier by the many types of transitional programs offered by the VA.

Comparing Military and Civilian Employment

Thinking about leaving the military goes through every service member's mind every time they are up for re-enlistment. A little planning will help you to make this choice when it is best for you to make the transition.

Military Spouse

Job Options for a Military Spouse

Getting and keeping a job as a military spouse can be a challenge. The largest logistical problem is that as a military spouse you will be constantly moving.

Re-entering the Job Market After an Employment Gap

Many military spouses decide to re-enter the job market after not working through several changes in duty stations. But often, when you have been out of work for a period of time, it is harder for you to get employment.