What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Reserve Income Replacement Program

Reserve Income Replacement Program (RIRP) was developed to help ease the burden of extended involuntary active duty service by Reserve members between the years of 2006 and Dec 31, 2011. During this period of time, many Reserve units have been extensively mobilized. It’s important to note that funding for RIRP must be approved and amended annually. The latest legislation dated January 7, 2011, renewed RIRP for all Reserve members except certain employees of the Federal Government who are also members of the Reserves.

RIRP is available to any eligible Reserve member who applies for the compensation. If the income you are earning on active duty is less than your average civilian income by $50 or more, you are eligible to receive RIRP up to $3,000 per month to make up for the difference in pay, as long as you also meet the following criterion:

  • Serving on involuntary status, and
  • Have completed 18 months of active duty consecutively, or
  • Have completed 24 months of active duty service during the last 60 months, or
  • Mobilized for more than 180 days within six months of another involuntary service lasting longer than 180 days

It’s important to note that RIRP only pays for full months of lost civilian wages. RIRP is also calculated using the difference between your average civilian pay and your Regular Military Compensation (RMC). RMC includes any kind of military compensation including base pay, special pay and allowances. RMC does not include bonuses or anything that isn’t paid monthly. RMC also includes an extra amount that is equivalent to the tax advantages you may have received through allowances or pay.

RIRP can be difficult to calculate and it’s a good idea to talk to your service representative to figure out when and how much RIRP you are eligible for. Reserve benefits are always a bit tricky and trying to figure them out in addition to everything else isn’t easy. If you don’t know who your service representative is, you can find this out through the OASD/RA website:

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