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Diving Duty Pay

Military members who are eligible for basic pay may also be eligible for Diving Duty Pay, a Special Pay related to diving. Diving is inherently dangerous and requires special training and skills, which is why there is a special pay for divers. Each branch of the military has slightly different rules for receiving Special Diving Duty Pay. In general, a member of the military is eligible to receive Diving Duty Pay if they are assigned to diving duty or are required to maintain proficiency as a diver with regular dives. In times of war, the President can suspend Diving Duty Pay.

Special qualifications apply for each section of the military:

Army: To qualify for Diving Duty Pay in the Army, you must be a rated diver according to AR 611-75 and meet the Special Qualification Identifier or be in a position that is designated as diving duty by the Deputy Chief of Staff Personnel.

Navy and Marine Corps: To qualify for Diving Duty Pay, you must be assigned to diving duty, be a designated diver and maintain diving qualifications.

Air Force: To qualify for Diving Duty Pay, you must pass an approved DoD course for underwater swimmers and be ordered to diving duty and meet any other Air Force requirements.

Rates that are payable for Diving Duty are no more than $240.00 a month for Officers assigned to Diving Duty and no more than $340 per month for enlisted personnel. Diving Duty Pay is really a type of Hazard Pay and because of this, a member can only receive Diving Duty Pay in addition to two other Incentive Hazard Duty Payments.

Diving duty may sound like fun but often these are very dangerous missions performed in frigid water. Diving Duty Pay provides an incentive to keep up qualifications and insures that the Military has a ready supply of divers when they are needed.

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