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Combat Compensation (CRSC) Overview

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) is a benefit program designed to increase benefits for career military who retire with a combat related disability. Service members who qualify are able to collect both their Military Retirement Pay and their VA Disability Compensation. Prior to the introduction of CRSC, a retiree receiving VA compensation would have had this amount deducted from his retirement pay. In 2008 the National Defense Authorization Act further extended the CRSC benefit to retirees even if they hadn’t finished 20 years or more in service.

To be eligible to receive CRSC, a service member must be eligible and receiving VA disability benefits and must have signed a VA waiver. The VA must rate the disability as at least a 10% disability. In addition, the injury must be directly related to a combat event. He or she must also be eligible to receive retired military pay.

Combat related disabilities according to the DoD are defined as:

  • Actual Combat
  • Simulated War-Special Forces Training exercises or other types of training exercises.
  • Hazardous Service Includes special duties that are particularly dangerous such as parachute jumping and deep sea diving.
  • Illness or injuries incurred by Instruments of War refers to disabilities caused in the operation of any equipment peculiar to the military such as military planes tanks, missile launchers and the like.

To apply for CRSC, a disabled veteran must sign and complete Claim Form DD 2860. There are several documents that will be necessary to verify the claim. It’s important to find official military documentation related to your disability to support your claim. If the claim cannot be verified, CRSC cannot be awarded. Several types of documentation can be used for verification. These can include:

  • A copy of your Chapter 61 board results if you are a Chapter 61 retiree.
  • Copies of all VA rating decisions with summaries.
  • Copies of all DD214 and DD215s.
  • Official documentation that explains how the disability relates to CRSC’s rules governing combat-related injuries.

Provided the military is able to verify your claim, you will start receiving CRSC benefits monthly in about 60 days time.

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