What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Combat Compensation Application Process

To apply for CRSC, a disabled veteran must sign and complete Claim Form DD 2860. There are several documents that will be necessary to verify your claim. It’s important to find official military documentation related to your disability to support your claim. If the claim cannot be verified CRSC cannot be awarded.

Supporting verification for a claim can include any official military documentation related to how you were injured. Civilian accounts of your injury or civilian letters do not count as verification for your claim. Common verification records include:

  • A copy of your Chapter 61 board results if you are a Chapter 61 retiree.
  • A signed claim form
  • Copies of all VA rating decisions with summaries
  • Copies of all DD214 and DD215s.
  • Official documentation that explains how the disability relates to CRSC’s rules governing combat-related injuries.
  • Military medical evaluation records pertaining to the injury
  • LOD investigations
  • Incident reports
  • Official military telegrams stating what the injury is and how it occurred sent to your family
  • Medical Board proceedings, write-ups or physicals related to the injury or military hospital records including VISTA and AHLTA exam records.

Again, the most important part of the verification process is that you must cite official military documentation, and the documentation must demonstrate how the injury occurred and how it relates to combat. Combat documents that may help you are kept in Morning Reports (MR’s) and can be obtained by filing Form DA 1 with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), 9700 Page Avenue, St Louis, MO 63132. Sometimes this information is also available online from their website: Another way to get records is to locate your personnel or medical records. This can be done by contacting the National Personnel Records center, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis MO 63132-5100 and their website at: or by phone at 1-866-272-6272.

Provided the military is able to verify your claim you will start receiving CRSC benefits monthly in about 60 days time.

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