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Aviation Career Incentive Pay for Officers

Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP) for Officers applies to active duty commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers who are either in training or who already have a flying rating. ACIP is only available to Officers who are pursuing aviation as a career. Both members of the Reserves and active duty Officers can receive ACIP. Warrant Officers with over 22 years of experience are rated at the same level as commissioned Officers of 14 years. ACIP is taxable unless given to an Officer deployed to a designated combat zone. In times of war, the President has the power to suspend ACIP.

ACIP scales upwards to year 14 at which time the pay starts to decrease. There are two restrictions on ACIP regarding pay grades: An Officer in pay grade 0-7 can not be paid more than $200 a month and an Officer in pay grade 0-8 or above can not be paid more than $206 a month.

To be entitled to received ACIP the Officer must perform operational flight duty (including flight training but excluding proficiency flying) for 8 of the first 12 or 12 of the first 18 years of aviation service. If at either 12 or 18 years of service the Officer hasn’t met this operational flying minimum, ACIP will cease. Special exceptions can be made to this rule. Special rules also apply to Flight Surgeons and other medical Officers who are also trained and qualified for aviation service. Furthermore, Aviation Battle Managers are entitled to ACIP under certain circumstances.

Entitlement to ACIP ceases upon the completion of 25 years of flight experience unless the Officer remains below pay grade 0-7.

Years of Aviation Service (including flight training) as an Officer: Monthly rate
2 or less $125
Over 2 $156
Over 3 $188
Over 4 $206
Over 6 $650
Over 14 $840
Over 22 $585
Over 23 $495
Over 24 $385
Over 25  

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