What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Qualifying for Military Enlistment Bonuses

A standard enlistment bonus requires  three criteria to be met. Depending on your career field and service branch, you may also qualify for other signing bonuses. These can be added to the standard enlistment bonus but cannot exceed the cap set by Congress of $40,000.

To qualify for a standard enlistment bonus, a service member must:

  • Successfully take the Armed Services Vocational Battery Exam with a minimum qualifying score.
  • Meet physical requirements for the chosen branch of service
  • Enlist for at least a three year term of service in a high-demand job specialty.

Each branch refers to job specialties in its own way. For the Army and Marine Corps, these specialties are referred to as MOS: Military Occupation Specialty. The Navy and Coast Guard call their job specialties “Ratings.” And the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) refers to an Air Force job specialty.

A potential enlisted service member is evaluated on their abilities to be successful in their chosen specialty through the ASVAB exam and the fitness tests. Enlistment Bonuses are offered to those interested in and skilled at high-demand jobs.

Contact a local recruiter for additional information.

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