What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Navy Education Bonuses and Incentives

The Navy offers two education-related bonuses. The Student Loan Repayment program provides a sailor up to $65,000 to repay college debt. The Navy College Fund offers up to $72,000 when it’s combined with the Montgomery G.I. Bill for educational expenses.

Student Loan Repayment Program

Eligible recruits who enlist for three years or more may receive up to $65,000 to repay student loans. This program is available with Navy Ratings offering enlistment bonuses. Unfortunately, the Montgomery GI Bill is not available with the Loan repayment Program.

Navy College Fund

Qualified applicants may participate in the Navy College Fund. This combines with the Montgomery GI Bill for a maximum benefit of $72,000 and is available to qualified Navy applicants at any rating.  Also known as the GI Bill Kicker, the Navy College Fund increases the value of the GI Bill payment rate by as much as $950 per month; depending upon how many months the Sailor attends school after release from active duty. The Navy College Fund amount is based on the date a Sailor reports to boot camp. A Navy recruiter can provide the current fund amount/dates.

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