What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Navy Bonus and Incentives Overview

Joining the Navy can mean a number of cash bonuses, education bonuses and other incentives.  The Navy will pay a combined bonus up to $30,000 if a recruit qualifies for more than one incentive program. Nuclear and SEAL enlistment programs are capped at $40,000. Most of the cash bonuses can be combined with either the Navy Student Loan Repayment Program or the Navy College Fund (not both).

Navy Cash Bonuses at a Glance: 
  • Enlisted Source Rate (Specialty) Bonuses (ESRBP) – Up to $15,000
  • Enlistment Bonus Source Rate with Navy College Fund (EBSR-NCF) – up to 8,000 plus up to $72,900 for the Navy College Fund.
  • Extended Enlistment Bonus – Up to $5,000
  • College Education Bonus – up to $8,000
  • National Call to Service Bonus – Combined incentives add up to more than $23,000.
  • Navy SEAL or Special Warfare Bonuses – Up to $40,000
  • Extended Delayed Entry Program – $500
  • High ASVAB score - $100 for Each Month on DEP

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